Windows – turning off LCD in lock mode in WIndows


I have Windows 8 installed. How can I turn off the monitor when the computer is in lock mode (windows+L)?

I'm using a netbook and I can't turn the display off since there is no power button for that. I'm doing this to try to save power.

Best Answer

This works for me in Win7, but not tested in Win8 so far (so that bit's up to you! :)

  1. Download Wizmo

  2. Create a shortcut to Wizmo.exe (and optionally rename as desired, change the icon, set keyboard shortcut etc.)

  3. In the shortcut's properties, add monoff lock to the Target field as follows:

    enter image description here

  4. Double-clicking the shortcut should lock the system and turn the monitor off

You can also use NirCmd to achieve the same thing. However, since a single nircmd monitor off lockws command does not work, you'll need to first create a batch file containing the following commands, then create a shortcut to the batch file:

nircmd monitor off
nircmd lockws

Note: In the download package you'll get 2 EXEs, so you can use the console mode nircmdc.exe as well instead of the normal nircmd.exe

A purpose-built utility for this is the Monitor Off Utility:

enter image description here