Windows – Turning Off Windows 7 Firewall

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I need to temporarily turn off the firewall on my Windows 7 work computer, but the firewall settings are all greyed out. Above them is a message saying "For your security, some settings are managed by your system administrator."

I have admin privileges on this machine. How do I work around this?

Best Answer

You are on a domain and your domain administrator has disabled this via Group Policy.

To fix this you have two legitimate options:

  • Open only the ports you need (if you have the privileges).
  • Put a request in to the IT department to disable it/open the ports for you.

There are other workarounds, however for something like the firewall I would STRONGLY recommend you do NOT use that work around and either do it one of the two correct ways I listed above. If you hack around the group policy you could get in trouble at work (possibly even legal repercussions if you work for a bank or a government agency or if you live in California)