Ubuntu 18.04 LTS installed in VirtualBox hang at boot up after system update

Ubuntuubuntu 18.04virtualbox

host: Windows 10 with all the latest updates

guest: Ubuntu 18.04

VirtualBox 5.2.12

  • Ubuntu 18.04 VirtualBox Machine: 4GiB, 2CPUs, VT-x/AMD-V, Nested Paging,PAE/Nx, Video memory 56 MB
  • I installed Ubuntu 18.04 from ubuntu-18.04-desktop-amd64.iso.
  • Did reboot: boots fine.
  • Installed all the latest updates for Ubuntu.
  • Tried to reboot: it hangs.

Tried to increase Virtual Machine's memory, the number of processors – nothing helped.

My another VB Machine is Ubuntu 16.04 with all the latest updates and it runs fine.

Best Answer

I followed the advice given at this thread forums.virtualbox.org

  1. Create a new machine by, for example, clicking new in the UI
  2. Choose advanced mode
  3. Select the .vdi file from the non-working machine with Ubuntu
  4. Keep this machine's settings simple
  5. Boot up and things should work normally