Ubuntu – How should I upgrade an OS on an OPAL encrypted drive


I'm currently running Kubuntu 17.04 installed on a Samsung NVMe EVO 960 SSD drive.

I managed to install it with OPAL encryption enabled by using sedutil, but it took me about 2 days to make it work (I had to compile the image by hand, since the binary provided by the project would not work for me).

Now I'd like to upgrade to Kubuntu 18.04 and I was thinking which is the best way to do it.

  1. Is there a way to safely and correctly update to 18.04 from 17.04 without reinstalling the OS? This would probably be the mostplausible and hassle free way to avoid re-setting up the OPAL disk, but I fear it will probably create issues with old settings.
  2. Can I just decrypt my SSD, and stick a liveCD and boot from it and install Kubuntu as if it was a normal disk? Would this preserve the encryption and would the system boot up again correctly? I'd love to see this work.
  3. Do I have to remove OPAL encryption, install the new Kubuntu and spend an other day recompiling a new OPAL image and activating the encryption on the SSD? I fear this will be the probable correct way of doing things…

I have already read all the documentation about sedutil but I didn't find anything about upgrading an OS, which I believe means that I simply have to disable OPAL encryption, perform the upgrade as usual and re-enable it, but I wanted to be sure if there are easier alternatives.

Obviously I'll backup all important information and user configuration from the old OS before trying this upgrade.

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