Ubuntu – How to configure the PC to turn on when it receives power

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How to make a server turn on when it gets mains power?

I have an electricity timer and when it turns on, I want the server to turn on. My BIOS doesn't support the wake up at time function so this is probably my only other way.

I'm using Ubuntu Server 12.04.

Best Answer

Check if your BIOS has feature called PWR-ON After PWR-Fail or something similar. Turn it on.

These features allow you to control what the board does when it receives power. Possible values usually include:

  • Power On, as soon as power is received
  • Power On, if the device was powered on when the power went off
  • Stay Off

The specific settings differs depending on what BIOS is used.

Some boards will respect this setting only if there was an actual power failure (and not if you correctly shut down the machine). Others will apply this setting in either case. And some (especially server) boards even offer both options.