Ubuntu – In Ubuntu 10.x, how to create a shortcut on the Desktop? To files, URLs, folders and applications


In Windows you can right click on a file, icon next to the URL address from a browser, an application, or a folder and then drag to the Desktop to create a quick convenient shortcut to opening/launching those. On my Mac I can do similar with "aliases".

Both above solutions are simple mouse gestures.

How can you do the same with Ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10?

I've already searched (below) but I either don't think these are going to work (can't try out at moment, not on Ubuntu machine) as they refer to middle mouse button (but this is purely the scroll wheel, right?) or using a command line – I don't want to have to do that every time I want to create a shortcut.

Searched superuser.com too but no answers – though I would be very happy to be corrected if there is a answer.

Best Answer

Just drag any icon while holding middle mouse button (or scroll-wheel) pressed. You can drag it to the desktop, Nautilus window (default file browser) or top icon bar. When dragging to desktop or nautilus window a context menu will appear where you need to choose "Link here".

You can also drag applications with left button from Applications menu.

To copy icon from top panel to the desktop you must drag with left mouse button.