Ubuntu – KVM over IP solutions


I am currently doing research into the KVM over IP market. As i am a college student, for more than half the year, I am away from home.

At home, I have a Ubuntu server which I have hosting many services. I usually have no problem connecting over SSH, but for those few times where there is an issue, (usually something I screwed up), I must go for weeks without server access until I go home.

Can anyone recommend a KVM over IP style solution for me? I would live to have a real rackmounted KVM IP switch, but i dont have the $600 that would cost me (the poor college student)

Best Answer

    • Lantronix SecureLinx Spider (My favorite!!)
    • Avocent DSR1024 Single-port IP KVM (Has been replaced with "Avocent MergePoint Unity family, but I can't find a single-user device)
    • Minicom PX 1 to 1 KVM over IP Server Access and Control with Virtual Media
    • Raritan Dominion KX II-101
    • Raritan eRIC G4
    • AdderLink IPEPS
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