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I have two computers running Ubuntu, one belongs to me and the other to my father. He often requires assistance with the system which involves using remote control. Both of the computers are connected to the same WLAN.

How can I set up a simple system for screen sharing and remote control? I would prefer something that runs in the background so that he doesn't need to click on anything (he's a bit of a technophobic). And I can assist him quickly.

I would appreciate any simple to set up and use programs.

Best Answer

One very convenient and free solution is to install the TightVNC (www.tightvnc.com) server on your father's computer.

This application can run on the background and can be secured with a password. When configuring the server, it is possible to turn off the message that asks the user for permissions, thus requiring no intervention from your father. Just connect to the server with the TightVNC client and you're ready to go.

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