Ubuntu – Stop screen from locking when laptop lid is closed


In Ubuntu 12.04, how can I keep the screen from locking when I close my laptop? I know I can disable locking altogether, but I do want the screen to lock when inactive. And I want it to lock when I suspend. I just don't want it to lock when I close the lid of the laptop.

Do I really have to be the person who sits in a meeting with their laptop lid almost closed?

Best Answer

  • Here's the workaround from Ubuntu 12.04

    Check /etc/acpi/lid.sh and delete the lines that involve xscreensaver

    There is a known gnome powercfg bug in regard to this.

    Specific status for this bug #995840 for Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 is listed here under

    "When laptop lid is closed screen locks even if it should not."

    Current Status is "Confirmed" but the bug is "unassigned"