Ubuntu – Viewing a large-resolution VNC server through a small-resolution viewer in Ubuntu


I have two Ubuntu computers, one with a large screen resolution (1920×1600) that is running the default Ubuntu VNC server. I have another computer that has a resolution of about 1200×1024 that I use to VNC into the server using the default Ubuntu VNC viewer).

Now everything works fine except there are annoying scrollbars in the viewer because the server's desktop resolution is so much higher than the viewer's. Is there a way to:

  1. Scale the server's desktop down to the viewer's resolution. I know there will be a loss of image quality, but I am willing to try it out. This should be something like how Windows Media Player or VLC scales down the window (and does some interpolation of pixels).

  2. Automatically shrink the resolution of the server to the client's when I connect and scale the resolution back when I disconnect. This seems like a less attractive solution.

Any other solution that gurus out there use? I am sure someone has experienced this before (annoying scroll bars) so there must be a solution out there.

Best Answer

I found that x11vnc can do what I wanted to do for option (1). Just specify a scale by running:

x11vnc -scale 1/2

or something like that.

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