Ubuntu – Windows is asking for password to browse the available file shares on Samba


Server: Samba on Ubuntu 12.04, with security = user.

A variety of file shares – some need to be accessible by guests, some are allowed users = user1.

Client: Windows XP, on same workgroup as the server.

StartRun\\ brings up a Windows dialog box asking for username and password, before it's even displayed the list of file shares available on the server. (Supplying user1's password gets past this point, but I think the password shouldn't be required yet)

What could be causing this? How to fix this?

Ideal result: \\ displays the list of shares (without any credentials), and password is only needed to access the ones with allowed users or guest ok = no in smb.conf.

Best Answer

You're going to get prompted for authentication because of the security mode you selected "security = user". To get what you want, I'd recommend Share Level Security. A detailed description as well as instructions on what to do can be found here:


Additionally, the site referenced describes the two samba security modes in detail. So that should help you balance security and ease of use to your own requirements.

You can also add this to your smb.conf:

security = user
map to guest = Bad User

By adding that line, you're telling the server that any user who isn't accounted for is to be treated as the guest.

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