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Recently, I have messed around trying to dual-boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu. It was a great failure with various problems. Long story short, I wiped my drive and installed Windows 10 fresh. The first thing I wanted to do was to boot into UEFI firmware settings (using Windows Advanced Restart) and disable secure boot and fast boot. However, the UEFI firmware settings boot option does not exist! As far as I can tell, it is impossible for me to boot to UEFI/BIOS (spamming F12, F2, del, etc. does not work either). So how can I boot to firmware settings, or restore them if they are broken? Surely they cannot be non-existent.
Image of System Information:

System Information

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If you have Windows 10 running, you should be able to hold Shift while clicking "Restart" and you should get the troubleshooting menu.

On that menu, under Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options, should have an entry to reboot into your UEFI Firmware Settings.

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