Unlocker howto?! doesn’t do anything

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in an answer to a previous question another user recommended a tool to me, Unlocker. Its original homepage is offline, but there are plenty of websites which offer version 1.9.0 which I downloaded from 2 places, compared the filesize, it was identical, and installed it, then rebooted, but it does not do anything except that there's a new icon in the tray.

There are no new menu items in the Windows Explorer's context menu nor does anything happen when I send any element to Unlocker using the "send-to" menu. It created two shortcuts in the start menu, "Start Unlocker" and "Start Unlocker Assistant" which also both don't do anything. Any suggestions?

Best Answer

  • you should get it off the creator's page instead.


    1.9.2, for both 32 and 64 bit windows. you'll want to click the "Download Unlocker 1.9.2 - 32 and 64 bit version" link.

    be sure to use advanced during installation and disable the delta toolbar that's bundled with it. you don't want that.