Windows – Upgrade to Windows 8 on encrypted drive fails and corrupted the TrueCrypt bios password

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I just bought Windows 8, which I downloaded to my PC. The PC has full drive encryption, and I selected "Keep nothing" type of install for Windows 8.

When the downloader finished and restarted the computer, I was again prompted for by TrueCrypt password (which is accepted) and a few seconds later, saw the "Something went wrong" message in the installer.

The computer rebooted, and now it claims my TrueCrypt password is wrong. Wtf do I do now?

PS. I backed up everything and don't have a TrueCrypt rescue disk.

Best Answer

  • Windows 8 has several new features incompatible with Truecrypt - the feature called Secure Boot, mainly; and possibly Windows 8's new hybrid boot. Therefore, full system drive encryption is not supported by Truecrypt (

    With Windows 8 Secure Boot enabled (by default on supported hardware) Truecrypt will never work (the point of Secure Boot is to prevent bootloader modification or "hijacking"). Check if you have Secure Boot enable first (

    I would consider using Windows 8 Bitlocker encryption in place of Truecrypt at this time as using Truecrypt with Windows 8 should be considered unstable and a "hack" at best.

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