Upgrading from Visual Studio 2013 Professional to Visual Studio 2015 Community

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From the feature comparison between Visual Studio 2015 Professional and Community, I understand that the Community is missing some functionality:

  • CodeLens
  • many TFS features
  • MSDN

Since I use it for private development only, I have not set up TFS and I don't need MSDN. CodeLens was not available in VS2013 Professional, so I don't miss it.

I'm using several VS plugins, but the new Community Edition even supports plugin. Maybe I have to buy updates for some of my plugins.

Thus it seems, I could simply "upgrade" from VS2013 Professional to VS2015 Community, if …

Are there any other known differences between these two versions, which are not listed on Microsoft websites?

Best Answer

  • So far, things work quite well and I didn't miss a feature of Visual Studio 2013 yet.

    Luckily I was able to upgrade most plugins to their latest version for free so that Visual Studio 2015 support is provided. Plugins I use:

    • NCrunch
    • DevExpress 15.1.6
    • ReSharper 2015.2
    • OzCode
    • PostSharp 4.1.23
    • Visual Assist 2.0.74
    • VisualSVN 5.1.0

    ReSharper still shows errors in my Unit Tests although the solution compiles fine and I cleared the caches. I did not yet figure out what's wrong. It's a bit annoying to see so much code in red.

    Update: these went away after upgrading the DevExpress controls to the latest version.

    Visual Assist and Resharper sometimes get in conflict regarding syntax highlighting. But since ReSharper supports C++ now, the question is whether I need Visual Assist at all. At the moment I turn off Visual Assist.

    All in all, I'll stay with Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition.

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