Upgrading motherboard without reloading OS


This question is an offshoot of soemthing I asked earlier:

Disable "Auto Restart after BSOD" from Command Line

Is there a way to wipe out current motherboard drivers on the HD so that you can replace the motherboard without having to re-install the OS? My thought is that the HD will load a default driver or know that it needs a new driver and be able to install the proper driver afteward OR perhaps you could install the proper driver before before hand?

Situation: want to replace motherboard and CPU without wiping my HD.

Best Answer

What OS? If using Windows Vista and above it will act a lot better then Windows XP or below when changing hardware. With earlier versions of windows the only supported way to update the HAL was by performing a complete re-install.

With newer versions of Windows things will mostly just work so long as the storage driver is properly configured before you attach the drive to the new motherboard.