Windows – USB Microphone too Quiet

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I just got a new Snowflake USB Microphone and my recordings are way too quiet in Windows 7. I was previously using a Logitech headset, which recorded fine.

I have the Snowflake on my monitor, and I do my best to face it and project without yelling, but I still need to manually increase the volume. I have gone into the properties for the recording device and cranked the volume all the way to 100%. There is no boost like I have seen on built in microphones.

I have recorded with a couple different software programs and they both record very quietly. If I hold the microphone right up to my mouth then it records better, but that is not very practical, and the microphone isn't comfortable for holding that way.

Any suggestions?

Best Answer

There isn't much more you can do than what you have tried. Just sit close enough and talk a bit louder, then compare your voice to popular podcasts to see how quiet you really sound. Try to boost your voice up with an application and remove any noise at the same time, compare the volume again and check if the quality is still fine.

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