Windows – USB port not recognising mouse on first bootup

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On a computer here when first powered on the USB wired mouse is not recognised. The light under the mouse is not lit up. Other usb hub's and keyboards work fine. Disconnecting it and reconnecting it fixes the issue, even after a restart – after the pc is switched off for a length of time (for example overnight) the problem reappears.

I swapped the mouse, updated the bios and installed updated intellimouse drivers, turned of power saving on the usb ports. Any ideas?

edit: bubu, the following descriptioni is correct:

let me see if i am getting your
question correctly. is it that when
your mouse is plugged in correctly,
and you boot up then it doesn't work
when your windows finish booting, even
after waiting 3-5 minutes? and then,
by that time, if you unplug the mouse
and plug it in again then it works. am
i getting it correctly? – bubu 4 hours

Best Answer

  • i also encountered this problem several time, though more with keyboards.

    you may want to try:

    (1) Check the setting in BIOS. Sometimes the support for keyboard/mouse was turned off (rather unlikely in your case) (2) directly connecting the mouse wire to the motherboard USB ports as sometimes the USB hubs may be problematic (3) see if other mouse works fine, if so, maybe mouse problem