Windows – Use commandline to show disabled network interfaces in windows? (Mobile Broadband and Regular Connections)

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There are a few ways you can list network interfaces via commandline. For example:

netsh interface show interface
netsh interface ip show interfaces
ipconfig |findstr "adapter"

For Mobile Broadband Connections:

netsh mbn show interfaces

All of those will list network interfaces as long as they are enabled. If you disable an interface (ie 'netsh interface set interface "interfaceName" admin=disable'), it will no longer be listed with those commands.

My question is this: how do you list an interface that has been disabled? Something that works for Mobile Broadband connections as well as regular connections would be great.

Best Answer

I found this command seems to work:

wmic nic get NetConnectionID

It shows regular connection interfaces including those that have been disabled however it only shows the name of the interface.

netsh interface show interface will show:

Admin State (Enabled or Disabled) State (Connected or Disconnected) Type: (Dedicated) And Interface Name : (local Area Connection or Wireless)