Use Microsoft IMAGEX.exe to save a image from entire disk


I'm using Microsoft Imagex.exe to save and recovery Windows images(.wim files). However, I'm using it only to save my C:\ partition, using the following command:

imagex /capture image_path image_file "name" {"description"} {/boot |
/check | /compress [type] | /config | /flags "EditionID" | /norpfix |
/scroll | /verify}

I need to save a image from my entire hard disk, such as Clonezilla usually does. Is there a way to do the same with imagex that does not save each partition to different wim files?

Best Answer

You can use ImageX's /append switch for this.


Append is a standalone function of ImageX that will add the contents of a disk volume to an existing WIM file. Let's say you've created an image of a C: drive containing an operating system, preinstalled applications, and desired configuration. You add a D: drive containing a variety of data files and perhaps some additional application packages. Using ImageX with the /append option lets you add the contents of the D: drive to the WIM file of the C: drive--combining two volumes into one ImageX file. A sample command-line to append images using ImageX would be:

imagex /append d: c:\data_drive.wim

From the appended WIM file you can then apply either volume 1 (the first drive in the appended image) or volume 2 (the second drive in the image) in two simple steps without switching WIM files.