Use usb tv tuner without pc


So here is the story:

I just got basic cable tv installed, but i don't have an actual TV. All I have is my pc with gorgeous 30 inch DELL WFP 3007 HC monitor.

Installer have told me that if my display would have an RCA connector at the back of the display, I would just plug it in there and watch.
Since this monitor has only one input connector which is dual link DVI, I cant really plug anything in there.

Now i am going to buy a TV tuner. I have to make a decision which one to buy: internal PCI card or external usb?

My display has two usb ports on its side, would it be possible to just plug a usb tuner in there and watch it without use of PC? Will this work?

Best Answer

No, that will definitely not work. If you want to bypass the PC altogether, you just need to adapt the signal path.
This DVI to RCA Component adapter will do the trick.
If you need to go to Composite, you'll need this too.
This setup still won't be ideal, because you won't have a tuner either, as there is not one built into your monitor.
I did however find this, though I'm not sure it will work, but this kind of device would be your best option. It is a tv tuner for use with monitors.