Using a batch file for Depicus WOL

batchcommand linewake-on-lan

I am very new to coding and i am currently being tasked with making a WOL script to wake up multiple machines at once.
Some WOL softwares have a command line feature, like this one: which help allot. I can make 1 machine wake up just fine, however i need it to wake up many machines. My plan is to make a batch file to run with the CMD WOL.

This is where the issue comes in, i am absolutely clueless about how to do this, i have looked on google how to make this batch file but found no good guides.

Here is my question to you, Could you give me advice/tips on how to make this batch file please.

Many thanks


Best Answer

Just create a .bat or .cmd file and add a line for each machine

wolcmd AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF 4343
wolcmd BB:BB:CC:DD:EE:AA 4343