Using BMP format for lossless/high quality


I've heard bitmap (.bmp) is an uncompressed image format to store images. Does it mean that it can store images in high quality i.e. with no loss of quality in other words, lossless format?

I'm confused between the terms 'uncompressed' and 'lossless' here. are they both same?

Best Answer

  • The terms "uncompressed" and "lossless" mean two different things. Compression exists in two forms, lossy (like JPG) and lossless (like ZIP).

    Lossless compression is typically used for programs and text files. It removes redundant information from the file to compress it. It generally doesn't do a very good job of compressing media files.

    Lossy compression achieves a high compression rate, even for data types that usually don't compress well using lossless compression. It does this be removing information that is non-critical. JPG compression, for example, removes image details that are virtually invisible to the human eye. MP3 compression removes sounds that the human ear can barely, if at all, hear.

    The BMP format is both lossless and uncompressed.

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