Linux – Using Clipboard with Xfce and TightVNC

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I'm having major difficulties in getting the clipboard (copy/paste) to work over my VNC connection. Setup:

Server: Ubuntu 14.04 with Xfce and TightVNCServer

Client: Windows 8.1 with TightVNCViewer

The problem is, I can't get the clipboard working to copy/paste from the client into the server. I tried following the advice on this question and installed autocutsel, but that didn't help either. Any advice?

Best Answer

How did you setup autocutsel? I created a xstartup file under the ~/.vnc directory, with the following content:

/usr/bin/autocutsel -s CLIPBOARD -fork

Then you need to make it executable:

chmod +x ~/.vnc/xstartup

Restart the server and you're done