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Trying to figure out a way to make a grid in Excel that will print out in with spacing of mm's. Haven't figured out a way to do this yet though.

I'm doing some work with Nanoblocks (which a single 1×1 is 4mm x 4mm), and I want to have a grid to work with, I might even layout the design in Excel (just filling cells), but this later part will be manual, just really need the correctly sized grid (printed).

Best Answer

  • To change the default measurement to mm:

    • File Tab -> Options -> Advanced Tab -> Display Section -> Ruler Units
    • Select Millimeters

    To change the column/row width/height(in mm):

    • View tab -> Page Layout
    • Select all cells
    • Right-Click on Columns -> Column Width...
    • Right-Click on Rows -> Row Height...
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