Using Remote Desktop to connect to different computers behind same IP

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I'm trying to connect my computer from home to two computers in my office. The office has a router and I already forward the port for computer A. I can successfully connect to my computer A at my home by using static ip address. However, I am not sure how to connect to computer B since both computers use the same static IP address that is given by my ISP.

For example, at my home computer's Remote Connection box, I type 7x.8x.1xx.2xx. That IP address is for both computers.

I'm not sure how to distinguish the computer A and computer B. Any thoughts?

Best Answer

  1. You can configure the port which each remote desktop is listening to. Change the port here for computer A and B:

  2. Forward the ports to the corresponding computers.

  3. When you are connecting just specify the port: 7x.8x.1xx.2xx:23678