Linux – Using Yum to install packages for the user only


I would like to be able to install packages by using a package manager (Yum is available on my server), but I don't have root access. I don't technically need root access, I just want the packages to be installed in my home directory.

Is there any way I can do this?

Best Answer

As Ignacio points out, you can use yumdownloader.

But for the second step

rpm -ivh --relocate /usr=/home/username/usr --relocate /etc=/home/username/etc


rpm -ivh --relocate /=/home/username/progname

is probably easier.

If the RPM has any scripts that assume they are running as root, you might also need to add the --noscripts option.

Plus you can add the --aid option to resolve dependencies.

Yet another useful options in this case is --root to avoid rpm to write to /var path (since you're not root), so the command will be something like:

rpm -ivh --relocate /=/home/username/progname --root /home/username/progname