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Been googleing around for a few days now on that problem, nothing seems to work.

The sound coming out of the speakers is very, VERY low. It does so since I updated to Windows 10 and then resetted to factory status via windows 10. So low that you can hear it only if there's no other sounds and really concentrate on hearing it. I tested, and it's not white audio, it's really the right sound.

I blame this on realtek HD sound (the basic Windows sound driver).

Here's what I tried.

  1. Plugged my phone in my speakers, played music, came out of the speakers normally (with good sound.)
  2. Plugged headphones instead in the jack instead of the speakers, no sound in the headphones too.
  3. Front jack works fine.

So I know the problem comes from the back jack port, and not my audio setup.

Realtek Audio HD seems normal:
enter image description here

The sound manager seems normal too.
enter image description here

EDIT: Also tried to update the drivers.

Best Answer

Assuming you have vanilla Realtek audio, this should work to some extent.

  1. Open the Sound menu (as shown in your second screenshot).

  2. Right-click on your speakers (or the audio output you want to amplify), and select Properties.

  3. Go to the Enhancements tab.

  4. Check the Loudness Equalization option.

This makes quiet sounds louder, loud sounds quieter.

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