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Is there any (possibly free or open-source) virtual WDM audio driver for Windows, with additional processing plugins, which would add one more layer between windows applications and actual sound card's audio driver, allowing to:

  • Add software DSPs to general audio output. I would like to be able to use custom effects, like compressor, or stereophonic-to-binaural converter for listening online streaming media on headphones, etc.

  • Connect its output to some custom buffer instead of the sound card. For example, to be able to record audio, or to send audio via wireless connection to some other wireless source?

I know only about VAC driver, but don't know how I would use it to do any of these tasks. And unfortunately it is not free.

Also, audio driver was just my idea how to solve these issues – if you know other way, please share your knowledge.

I need this for Windows 7 and/or Windows XP.

Best Answer

There is now a free (donationware) alternative to VAC Virtual Audio Cable. Check out VB-Audio Virtual Cable.

VB-Audio Virtual Cable Screenshot

There are 32 bit and 64 bit drivers available to support one virtual cable. This cable appears to support 8 channels (7.1 surround) can handle 96kHz sample rate, and has an adjustable buffer size.

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