Windows – VMWare workstation installation error: The MSI ” failed

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I am installing on windows 7. The vmware workstation version is 9.0.2-1031769.

Installation proceeds as expected until about 70% when it fails with the following error:

The MSI '' failed.

I have followed every single step on this supposed fix except that I was not able to delete a coupled of files in the temp directory but I do not think they are related to vmware. And it still didn't work.

Next I deleted every single reference to vmware in the registry also to no avail.

Best Answer

  • Steps to solve this problem:

    • Start Menu ->My Computer ->right click ->Properties ->Advance system setting ->Advance -> Environment variable

    • now in top user you can find temp and tmp in user variables

    • now click on edit and save its variable value on notepad.Do it for both temp

    • create a folder in c: drive as tmp. Now copy the location c:/tmp

    • Replace variable value to c:/tmp for both Temp and Tmp

    • now click on ok and restart your system.

    Now try to install VMWare and it will 100% working for me. Don't forget to replace the variable value of Temp and Tmp to url which you save on notepad.

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