VNC-like remote control over home network

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I'm aware of how to use VNC to share screens or grant remote control of your machine over the internet by using VNC or one of the web-based "go to my pc" type services.

If two computers are connected to a router (i.e. standard home network), is there an easier way of viewing and controlling one computer from the other?

I'd like to avoid going outside the LAN, onto the internet, then back in if possible.

Both machines are Windows XP, but I'm not looking for Remote Desktop by the way.

Best Answer

You can use TightVNC if you want to see both screens at the same time and don't mind a little input lag.

First, download and install the software. You will want to install both the server and client parts. Choose a password for security during the install. After installing, the server will open in the background and be added to the Startup list on both computers.

To open a remote connection, Open TightVNC Viewer and type in the PC name of the other computer. If you are not sure of the name, open up cmd prompt on the remote computer and type hostname. After you have entered the hostname, enter the password you entered in the install screen on the other computer and you will be sharing screens.

If you want to edit the server properties, right click on the V icon in your system status tray. Note that you can't connect through the server, you need to open the client program separately.

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