VOIP/Skype/GoogleVoice solution without a PC


In short, I'm looking to drop current VOIP provider (Cablevision/Optimum Voice) and go with cheaper standalone package BUT want to keep existing standard phone that plugs into their box.

Does anyone know of any solution, preferably Skype, Google Voice etc, that I can switch to but without the need for a go-between computer?

Side note: Vonage have a $9.99 per month plan that might work, but will Vonage be around next year?

UPDATE: TO clarify a little more: I know I could use an Android/iPhone with a Skype app etc over wifi but we find the there is a large difference in quality/volume between an actual landline phone (even over voip) and a cellphone. With out current handset its already to go with a charger etc while Android/iPhone requires dock. The priority is to use an existing handset. Second, I do not want yet another computer in the house, that will require restarts, plugging into another socket and such. Thanks so far for suggestions, please keep them coming.

Best Answer

I've got a Linksys PAP2 which I use for British Telecom SIP VoIP. You could use one with Vonage, without having to need to turn your computer on. They are very cheap on eBay.

There are also various Skype phones available on their website. I can only seem to link to the UK site here.

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