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I am on a Windows PC running VirtualBox with Ubuntu installed. I have my networking setup as NAT. On my Windows PC, I am connected to a VPN, but I cannot access those VPN resources from VirtualBox (I have also tried Bridged Networking mode with the same result). Is there a way to connect through the host's VPN? Or alternatively if I could just connect to the VPN through Ubuntu that would work, but I don't see that option in the network connections when running within VirtualBox.

Best Answer

By default, the NAB adapter simply works for me, without Cisco AnyConnect running.

But DNS lookup failed when Cisco AnyConnect is running, this is due to a critical bug in Ubuntu 12.10+, "bug 1048783: network name lookups broken in NAT network adaptors". See more details at,

To workaround this, you would need to run the following cmd to use the host DNS lookup,

From an window command prompt (with VMNAME replaced with your VB name, e.g. "Ubuntu"),

cd "c:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox"

VBoxManage modifyvm VMNAME --natdnshostresolver1 on

BTW, I have "NAT" by default for the 1st adapter, and a "Host-Only" for the 2nd adapter to get around the limitations with NAB only adapter. This setting works perfectly for me.

Make sure you reboot the virtualbox and save the state to preserve the previous settings, not only a power off.