Wake-up by the computer


some time ago(10 years back) I've read on PC Magazine that some mainboards have some settings which allow to a computer to open at a certain hour. I need to make my computer to wake me up in each morning. How can I do that ? What MB settings allow this feature?

ps: i will like to shout down the computer during the night(not sleep or hibernate mode). ATM I'm using windows xp and 7 on my computers.

Best Answer

  • Most BIOS have an option to wake the computer up at a defined time. This option is usually named "Resume by alarm" or "Wake-up on RTC", something like this (not wake on lan, though, this is something else).

    You can find more details about it at this article.

    resume by alarm bios screenshot

    Nb: You can find a list of keys to enter the BIOS setup at this page. It should however be written in a corner when booting the computer.