Windows – WAMP Server’s Apache Service Not Starting in Windows 8

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I have a problem starting the Apache Service in WAMP Server, when i test port 80, I get the following message on the console

Your port 80 is actually used by :
Server: Microsoft -HTTPAPI/2.0

Things i did:

used netstat -aon from the command prompt to check what is running on port 80 and i get something with a PID of 4.

This PID of 4 corresponds to a file named – ntoskrnl (NT Kernel & System) in C:\Windows\System32

How do I go about solving this issue?

Best Answer

I finally found out the culprit, it was the SQL Server 2012 reporting and analysis services that were using port 80.

I opened up services.msc from the command prompt, disabled both these services and WAMP Server works perfectly now with no localhost problem.

Thanks to all those who provided the answers to this question, they were right but unfortunately all the solutions presented had already been applied in my case.