Ways to improve completeness of files for data recovery and scanning


I am using R-studio for data recovery on one of my ntfs partition. There is a pdf file about 16MB, but the software can only recover 15MB of it. So I am thinking about what ways can be used to improve the quality of scanning and recovery by the software?

I am looking around its preferences. I am not quite sure whether there are some adjustable parameters for scanning and recovery which can be fine-tuned to improve the quality?

R-studio has a free demo version, for which scanning is free,but recovery isn't.
It is downloadable from http://www.data-recovery-software.net/Data_Recovery_Download.shtml
Its manual is here http://www.r-tt.com/downloads/Recovery_Manual.pdf. I have tried my best to search for answers in the manual, but failed to find one. Their technical support is not as good as their software, and helpless usually in my opinion.

Best Answer

Unless you had absolutely no writes to the device in question after files were deleted, there is always a chance that one or more files may be partially or fully unrecoverable.

If you are running Windows from this drive, given that it writes various things to disk (registry updates, logs) the more time that passes, the more chances that a deleted file may be overwritten and become unrecoverable. First rule of recovery is to remove the device in question and use an operating system running from a separate disk (or recovery CD/flash drive) to examine and perform recovery operations.

You could try other recovery tools, such as Piriform's Recuva, but it's likely the portion of the file that could not be recovered was overwritten by a later file written to disk.

Take this opportunity to develop a better backup plan to avoid needing to perform the recovery in the first place.