Ubuntu – webcam detection in chromium on fresh ubuntu install


I've just received my new laptop (Asus Zenbook), and installed Ubuntu 17.10 on it.

I installed Chromium on it (Version 63.0.3239.132), but it could not access my webcam at all.
I tried with appear.in, hangout, meet, and all the others, but the result is always the same : it doesn't ask me at all to allow any webcam.
Even if I force it with the left "secured" button, it doesn't change anything.
In appear.in, it says "We can't detect a camera. Try connecting a camera to join the conversation".

When I use other softwares, like Firefox or Cheese, it works just fine.

All the posts I found are to allow access to a detected camera, but I can't find anything to help chrome detecting the cam 🙂

The problem occurs with HTML5 based site, so it is not flash related.

Best Answer

  • Thanks to Nikita to point me at the snap install. I found on this launchpad the way to connect the camera to a snap install. It works perfectly

    $ sudo snap connect chromium:camera :camera
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