What do I need to know before upgrading the CPU of a laptop


I have an AMD laptop, which has AMD APU (e1-2500). I don't really like the speed of it and would love to upgrade to faster APU. There are some AMD APUs available in ebay. So the question is:

What do I need to check to be sure that a new APU will work without problems?

Best Answer

Generally speaking, the main things you have to check is the socket type, and that the motherboard actually supports that type of processor (sometimes a bios Flash update is required, other times a whole new motherboard is the only option)

However, in your situation there is a problem: The E1-2500 is a BGA769 (FT3) APU, based on Kabini core. BGA = Ball Grid Array. This type of 'socket' is used to permanently attach a processor to its motherboard during production, making future upgrades impossible.

In other words, to upgrade your laptop, you will need to get a whole new motherboard/APU combo that was designed for your particular laptop series.