What does Internet Explorer Version Suffix = CO mean

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I was checking my Internet explorer version after hearing about a big security bug in IE and I noticed that IE stated the following information:

Version: 11.0.9600.17105 CO

Update Versions: 11.0.7 (KB2964358)

I couldn't find any information about what the CO at the end of my version meant. Does it mean that I have an older version of IE and need to update it (I have automatic version install checked)? Or does it indicate some sort of setting I have on IE?

Best Answer

• All versions of Internet Explorer 5.0 (and later versions) that are customized with Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) include one of the following strings after the version number. To view this information, click About on the Help menu:

IC = Internet content provider
IS = Internet service provider
CO = Corporate administrator

Source: MS KB969393: Information about Internet Explorer versions

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