What does this ping listing mean — it does not have an IP address but some hex numbers


Something's screwy on our network at work, and I'm no longer able to reach a server where I'm developing a database application. I'm not the network admin, and he's out sick.

When, from my workstation, I ping the server on which SQL Server instance lives:

  ping server6

this is the reply:

Pinging SERVER6 [fe80::6579:d35e:3471:f21c%11]

Why is there no IP address as there normally is? Is this an IPv6 address, and if so, why am I seeing it?

Best Answer

Yes, this is an IPv6 address. You're seeing this because ping will always display the IPv6 address for a host before the IPv4 one, if it has one. To see the IPv4 address, use:

ping -4 server6

(Assuming you are using Windows. It certainly looks like it.)

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