What firmware updates should I be tracking


Seems like everything has possible firmware updates these days. Not just PC BIOS, but network cards, routers, printers, monitors, etc.

The other day I heard about a firmware update for a mouse. I wouldn't have guessed to look for that, and the manufacturer of the mouse doesn't have a way to get my attention. I wish Windows Update (or equivalent on other platforms) would do all this for me, but it sure doesn't.

Maybe you have a list of things you look for firmware on?

Best Answer

  • While Moab's thoughts can sometimes be correct you might not know it is an issue until it is broken or someone else takes advantage of your older firmware. Sometimes running new firmwares can get you but the same goes for running older ones and you can't trust the changelogs, they might resolve something they didn't want you knowing about.

    Here is what I can come up with: home phones, cell phones, printers, network switches and routers, UPS, CD-Roms, DVR's

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