What hard drives are compatible with laptops

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I have a laptop and its hard drive is dying.

Are there only certain types and models of hard drive that would be compatible with my laptop?

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As a general rule of thumb, you only need to match physical size and the data connector, and perhaps the speed.

Size: Most laptop harddrives are 2.5" drives, while most desktop drives are 3.5" drives. For your laptop, I'm pretty sure it's a 2.5" drive.

Connector: Most laptops these days come with a SATA connector, and it looks like that is the connector your laptop uses. Older laptops might use an IDE connector, but that has been mostly phased out from what I've seen.

Speed: Most laptop drives operate at 5400RPM to save battery power and to reduce heat, while their desktop counterparts operate at 7200RPM. Your laptop takes a 5400RPM drive, except for the 200GB model which uses a 4200RPM drive.

You should be good with any drive that matches these options (2.5", SATA connector, 5400RPM). You can find the user manual for your laptop at this address.

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