What purpose has this tiny clip on the power cable

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With the Asus N550J I bought, I received an adapter which has a tiny clip attached to it:

enter image description here

As it seems, the exact same cable fits perfectly in that clip, as shown below:

enter image description here

On this page some usages are shown, but I'm not convinced that these are why they're present. The second usage for example shows you how you can use the clip for some 'stress lessening', but I don't see how this would work, as the clip is quite rigid.

What is the purpose of these clips?

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  • I don't know what the brick end of the power cord looks like, but it's for when you wrap the cord up to travel with it. The clip binds the end to the rest of the cable to keep it tight.

    I think Apple basically made this trendy. Macs have a pair of ears on the brick that you wrap the cable around. Then the end clips to the rest of the cable for a nice, tight bundle that you can throw into your bag.

    That article where the person clipped it to the screen... I never would've thought of that. Not what it's for but interesting.

    enter image description here

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