MacOS – What software can I use to decrypt a Mac OS X password hash


I recently fired up an old Mac Mini that I haven't used for years, and found that I forgot the admin account password.

I managed to get the password hash, but have hit various snags when following guides on decrypting this. (e.g. zip utility crashes when trying to open the downloaded 'John the Ripper' utility zip file).

Can anyone recommend a hash decrypter? Windows or OS X is fine. The password itself will be some simple short thing that is only slightly better than nothing.

account username: admn
password hash: 6646e657f86732f846bb44f66e0add96e2a48c6e

Best Answer

If you just want to get into your Mac, restart it from the System Restore DVD that should have come with it, or a Mac OS X install DVD (by holding down the C key at startup). Then, one of the options under the 'Utilities' menu should allow you to reset your administrator password. Full, official Apple instructions here