What virus renames all images to EXE?

file extensionvirus

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I have a virus that renames all jpg file extensions to EXE files and hide the original files at the same folder!! I can see hidden Files with FarManager and I cannot see them in Windows Explorer(even with show hidden files option?!!)

How can I restore it to its original file extension?
Do you have any tool to scan the converted file and restore it to its original file extension?
What the virus name? how can I remove it manually?

Best Answer

What AV program are you running?
Have you tried running a full system scan with up to date definitions?
The only reference I can find to the problem that you are having is in an archived Forum from 2001: http://forums.devx.com/showthread.php?t=34744
Without knowing the name of the virus it would be very hard to give a solution to removing it manually.

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