What’s a free or affordable collaboration solution for managing documents and files amongst multiple nontechnical users


I have some friends who own a business and both work together on their computers out of their homes.

They would like to collaborate together on some documents, QuickBooks files, etc.

As they seem to be on board with the whole "only one of us works on the file at a time" concept it seems that a SharePoint site or source control would suit them best. But those are too expensive and too complicated, respectively.

Something like DropBox might work but I'm not seeing any good or easy way for DropBox to alert User #2 that User #1 has a hold of the document (since DropBox is really designed for a single user).

What would be an easy and affordable collaboration solution for a two person business with no IT department?

Best Answer

Dropbox has Shared folders now between two dropbox accounts. If they wanted to control what the other could work on, they could select what goes in the shared folder. Obviously, not as good as a Sharepoint server, but it is free.

Although this wouldn't help with Quickbooks (yet), Google Docs is a great solution for document collaboration (and free). Users can see if the other is also working on the document and even send a message to the other through the Google Docs interface.

Perhaps when Google Wave comes out there will be an even more elegant solution to this problem.