What’s the best way to store your bank info


I had to come to terms with my increasing number of PINs, bank accounts, temporary passwords, credit cards and had to write the information down on a piece of paper.

What is your preferred secure way to store this kind of information? I used to have it stego'd in my phone book, but this doesn't allow for a lot of info stored and my system started to be very confusing.

Do you keep it online (is there a safe place online?!), offline, crypto'd or just zipped, stego'd in some image or text file, etc…

Best Answer

What about using: http://keepass.info/ ? (as the page says: "free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use")| Personally, for the most of the times, I use a truecrypted 'file' with all the text files and so on. On my phone, I just encrypt/hide the files so no one can find else they know the phone OS, original files and my mind perfectly. :) (You can really play around if you get root permissions on a smart phone and got a cute file explorer. And also, you can get the codes out easily if YOU know the way.)