What’s the difference between a AM3, FM1 or FM2 AMD processor


I am thinking about upgrading my computer, and my PC store offers three different branches of AMD processors: AM3, FM1, FM2.

Which technical differences do those branches have?

Is FM1 obsolete (by FM2)?

I have seen that most of FM2 processors have integrated graphics, but AM3 don't. Does that apply to all of them? Are there more differences like that?

Best Answer

Those codes are sockets.

  • Overview of sockets here

  • FM1 socket info here

  • FM2 socket info here

  • AM3 socket info here

The socket type is just a way to keep track of the physical dimensions and electrical hookups of the CPU socket. Generally sockets will support one or more generations of CPU.

When thinking of upgrading your computer to something modern, you'll want the most modern CPU available, even if you don't end up buying a high-end one, because an up-to-date processor is always more future-proof than an older one.

The FM2 socket is the newest of the bunch, although the FM2+ socket (note the + sign) is the actual newest socket offered by AMD. Kaveri-generation AMD APUs run in FM2+ sockets.

Kaveri is a significant improvement both in terms of CPU and GPU performance over the older generations. Kaveri is actively in the process of being released to the general public, but an example model number of a Kaveri APU is "A8-7600".