When playing DVDs with VLC media player, both video and audio pause several times per second


When using the VLC media player to play DVDs both video and
audio pause several times per second. This makes VLC
unusable for playing DVDs.

Windows Media Player works without any problems.

Is there a solution for this problem?

This problem appears for all the versions of VLC I have tried, including the newly realeased v1.0.0.

Platform: Windows XP 64 bit, 8 GB RAM, AMD Quad core
(Phenom), built-in sound (ASUS motherboard, Realtek).

Update 1: the problem is solved by selecting "Higher
latency" for
menu Tools/Preferences/Input & Codecs/Default Caching level.
See Keck's answer for further details.

Best Answer

Try adjusting a few settings.

In the video tab of your settings, ensure that the following are checked

  • Skip Frames
  • Accelerated video output
  • Use hardware YUV->RGB conversions.

Also, go to the "Inputs & Codecs" section and adjust the Caching level to one with higher latency.

If you still have problems, naturally head over to the VideoLAN forums and see what else they recommend.