Windows – files in the Recycle Bin stored, in respect of partitions

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I understand that the Recycle Bin is shared amongst local drives (partitions). When a file is "deleted" and sent to the Recycle Bin, does the file itself stay on the partition it was in prior to deletion, or is it moved to a centralised area (say on the drive Windows is installed)?


A PC has one hard drive:

C – Main partition with Windows OS
D – Extra partition on same physical drive
E – A further partition on same physical drive

If I delete a file on drive D, does the file stay on drive D in the Recycle Bin, or is it moved to a centralised Recycle Bin area on drive C? When viewing the RECYCLER folder on a partition it shows the contents of the Recycle Bin from all partitions.

Using XP Home SP 3, NTFS.

Best Answer

Actually, there is a separate \Recycler directory per partition (C:, D:, etc.). So it stays on the same partition/drive.

Here is a screenshot from two drives on the same computer.

enter image description here

I can now confirm that the behavior is the same when there is only one drive, and multiple partitions.

enter image description here

However, when you open the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop, you see a compilation of all the Recycler folders that are associated with your accounts for convenience.

Based on your question below, what seems to happen is that when you delete something, the file does stay on the actual drive, as previously mentioned. What also happens is that the file is given a random name (my original file was test.txt, but renamed De4.txt on the drive when I searched at a command prompt), and that file is what is entered into that INFO2 file and is passed on to Explorer as you saw it. This is so you only need one Recycle bin can find deleted files, regardless of what drive you are on. What you REALLY see when you do a search a command line, shows that it is not really on both drives. Check out this screenshot:

enter image description here